Welcome to www.ecoflam.co.nz an affiliate website of Combustion Control Ltd. Here at Combustion Control we are committed to providing top quality Ecoflam Burners at affordable prices.

Along the Navigation bar at the top of this webpage under the heading "Full Range" you will find different burner catagories. Simply select your catagory and locate the burner or gas train of your choice. Both, brochures and manuals are available and are opened as an Online .Pdf.

Adobe Reader is the recomended software for viewing these and the lastest version of it can be found here.

If you wish to purchase any burners, gas trains, or spare parts for them, you can do so at our Webshop.

Gas Burners

We provide Natural Gas Burners including Max Gas, Azur Blu and Blu burners. We also provide gas trains for our stocked burners.

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Diesel Burners

We provide Diesel Burners including Maior, Minor, Max 1 and Ecojet burners.

Our range

Heavy Oil Burners

We provide Heavy Oil Burners including Oilflam and Aquamatic burners.

Our range

Ecoflam Corporate Presentation Video

A short video from Ecoflam, the producer of our burners, showcasing their company and its vision.